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HEXA HS4 ceiling lamp

HEXA HS4 ceiling lamp

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Fixture lamp for indoor use, available in 5 different shapes. Variants of shapes are designed and cut out digitally; still, each lamp can be assembled in a unique way. The shapes are made of very thin (0, 3 mm), white, translucent plastic, and thus –despite of the size of the individual elements– they are relatively light (ca. 0, 5- 1 kg). The structure consists of a system of hexagons, which create a firm and even shape. At the intersections of the hexagons the elements display star-like shapes, which combine together and overlap, thus a very interesting surface structure is achieved.Length of cable: 2, 5 msIncandescent not included. Energy saving E27 compact bulb recommended. Avoid the use of conventional bulbs, they may overheat.