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HEXA ceiling lamp
ORIGAMI coffee table


Add to Cart Jewellery exhibition

As a pilot project launched by MOME Digital Craft Lab a design assignment under the title “Add to Cart Jewellery” was implemented at the Metalwork class of MOME’s Product Design Department during the spring. In cooperation with the, the students explored the possibilities of designing jewellery that can be multiplied by way of digital production to reflect on the potentials of online sales, as a result of which personalisable jewellery and collections of jewellery were created. Beyond presenting the products, the test assignments of BA students are intended to point out how online sales and product creation relying on innovative technologies can play a role in formulating a new shopping culture where the customer is an active participant in the design or implementation process.

Organised by MOME,

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VERTIGO shelf system at Hungarian Design stall

Review of the Contruma Hungarian Design stall, that VERTIGO shelf system is also presented.


MOME – cooperation

DIGITAL KRAFT 2013: Designing of a Jewellery Product Line for webshop. 
In the course of this one-semester designing project students should get acquainted with the inherent potential of online marketing and create reproducible jewellery products and product lines suitable for standardized production.


MEI KAWA’s multifunctional scarf

We say goodbye to the cold days and year 2012 with MEI KAWA’s multifunctional scarf, a stylish accessory to winter clothing. The scarves are made of soft cotton and oilskins and are free to be varied as scarf, stole or hood according to your taste and the weather. 

Thank you for this exciting year 2012! We wish all our design-friends a Happy New Year!


VERTIGO shelf system

It is for the first time now at the Hungarian Design Award 2012 exhibition that István Józsa’s VERTIGO shelf system is presented to the public. Despite of its lightsome structure the system is indeed heavy-duty. It can either be installed next to a wall or as a freestanding shelf to divide a larger space. The system consists of variable elements that customers can choose from to configure any individual arrangement. Out of four different sizes of consoles and variable sizes of plywood shelves more than 1000 different constructions are possible. The exhibition is open for visitors from 5th October to 2nd December 2012. at the Museum of Applied Arts (Iparművészeti Múzeum).


OBJECT OF AFFECTION photo competition and exhibition

Winning pictures of OBJECT OF AFFECTION photo competition arranged within Design Week Budapest 2012, are still exhibited at ’Szatyor Bar and Gallery’. The exhibition is available until the 4th November. In addition to the photos a mini-exhibition of is waiting for visitors interested. Exhibition opening photos


We will dress you in silver!

As part of her Moholy-Nagy scholarship Zsanett Hegedűs has developped ARGENTEX, a collection of bed linen and gloves containing medical silver fibres. Due to its thermodinamic effect this antibacterial fabric provides a comfortable cool sensation even on hot summer days, making it especially suitable for sensitive skin.


Plümó for All!

This product line of lamps designed by Farkas Pongrácz’Plümó’, is an excellent example of the infinite creativity of young Hungarian lamp designers. An absolute must for all who have been in doubt whether one single sheet of plastic can be folded into a spectacular and functional design object.


Stud-washer reconsidered :)

A piece of design accessory delightful even for your bike.

Those who have already met us know that is not merely a web shop, but also a studio developing and producing design objects. We are open to anything new and extravagant and if we take fancy of an idea we find a way to realise it together and in cooperation with the designer.

As in the case of this bicycle fender fitting set of Norbert Koósz, which has come straight from the designer’s desk and is now a ready product available for you to buy. If you are about to get a fender fixed on your bike but find traditional fixing methods complicated and boring, this product is offering a new, practical solution, while in its design reflects to urban biking spirit. Into the saddle Hipsters! Looking for a unique gift for a bicycle-lover? Either BlackJack or LuckyLook should be a perfect choice.


Good has become even better

Further refining his successful HEXA fixture product line Ádám Juhász has now come up with ELLIPSE. The pieces of this new series are even more harmonious and fine in shape than their predecessors. Recommended to all who fancy the idea to dress up their home in a lace of light.


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